A night to remember

What a wonderful feeling to see so many familiar faces during the book launch! What privilege to share my intimate thoughts of Puerto Rico, Caguas, and my infancy with so many friends. Thank you La Grande, and Looking Glass Books for an unforgettable night. Advertisements

Book Launch

It is so close! The book launch is almost here. Just three days and counting! The birth of Speaking at a Time, Thursday, August 13 at Looking Glass Books. Be there at 6:00 PM. So looking forward to seeing familiar faces.

Nicolás Guillén

I sit indoors on a hot day reminiscing on poems of long ago. I see Nicolás young and spry killing a snake as he recites Sensemayá de la culebra. Here are some of the verses that I remember with a tropical cloud of nostalgia in my non-glass eyes: Sensemayá Canto para matar a una culebra. … More Nicolás Guillén