The end of June and water skippers

These long days are an invitation to sit by a pond and contemplate nature. In my pond there is a city on legs, and here is a poem on those thoughts.



Rings upon rings


as if a torrent of rain

wants to drown this pond.


—Get close and see.


These ripples, not of rain,

but water skippers!


A city on legs

balanced on the skin of water.


In a game, or maybe a war,

of meet and retreat.


The smaller ones race

for a brief connection,


in a second secrets are shared

new circles inflate, shimmer


and fracture the calm

of a cloudy day


distort the mirror of trees

a vibration of braches


making the summer dance,

this is the hallucinogenic power


of waking on water.









By ameliadiazettinger

Amelia Díaz Ettinger was born in Mexico but was raised with her paternal family in Puerto Rico, where she grew up as a single child in a large, male-dominated, family. At nineteen she ran away to Washington State, to pursue a Master’s of Science in Biology and to liberate herself from the hermetic hold the island, and her family had on her. Currently, she is finishing her first year in Eastern’s MFA program in creative writing. Her poetry and short stories have appeared in journals and anthologies. Her first collection of poetry was published in 2015 by RedBat Press, Speaking at a Time. Learning to Love a Western Sky will be available this fall from Airlie Press, and Fossils on a Red Flag will be available from Finishing Line Press next year.

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